Thai Massage distilled from the essence of traditional Chinese, Tibetan and Indian traditional medicine, this Thai massage is intended for those who are mentally exhausted with pain due to muscle and joint pain.
Thai massage is made up of three factors: the impact on the acupuncture points and meridians, along with some musculoskeletal movements such as stretching, stretching, breathing, shaking and relaxing.
A method of body relaxation, Thai massage through the process of affecting the meridians and acupuncture takes place in many positions of the body, prevention and treatment. This type of relaxation can dissolve tension and stimulate blood circulation to help balance hormones.



⇒ An Khang Massage has elegant design.
⇒ Modern equipment, sauna, sauna rooms, high-tech hydraulic lakes.
⇒ Thai body massage packages help restore health, energize, relieve muscle tension, relieve pain.
⇒ KTV team experienced, thoughtful.
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Applicable subjects :

→ Suitable for people with mental fatigue with pain due to muscle and joint pain.
→ Suitable for office workers due to the suitability of their work, with reasonable price and execution time.

An Khang Massage Steps

Step 1: Clean your body

This step is indispensable in each massage. You will have a hot bath to help keep your body clean. The tissues, epidermis, muscles are expanded to help the blood circulation, absorbing nutrients faster.

Step 2: Start

Starting your body with a gentle massage will help to soften the muscles, joints and movements more flexibly.

Step 3: Make a massage

Thai massage usually starts with pressing, pressing, stretching, stretching, pulling, folding, rolling with hands, elbows, pillows, feet, elbows … the technicians will press lightly, Slowly but surely the acupuncture points along the body help release energy, relieve muscle tension, relieve pain, relax and circulate blood. Besides, with the movement day, acupressure, Thai massage is used to recover muscle after injury, stress relief …

Step 4: Clean your body

Finish the massage steps, you will be cleaning your body with a warm towel or shower through warm water.

Usage of Thai Massage:

→ Clears the feeling of pain, fatigue of the muscles, joints, bones.
→ Balance energy flow, gas flow, blood circulation.
→ Freeing energy through the acupuncture points to help the body healthy, good for the digestive system, respiratory system.
→ Supports recovery from fatigue, headache, back pain, neuropathy, or respiratory tract diseases.

Why choose Massage An Khang?

→ An Khang Massage boasts a team of experienced technicians; Counseling consultants and customer insights.
→ Staff enthusiastic service, attentive.
→ Massage An Khang’s choice means that customers have their own “trust insurance”.


• Regular massage: 100.000đ/ticket (Steam bath, collective pool hydromassage. Massage 45 minutes)
• Vip Massage: 200.000đ/ticket (Massage sauna in private room, have bath and massage staff. Free Foot Massage. Time Massage 90 minutes)
• Massage Super Vip: 300.000đ/ticket (Massage sauna in private room, have bath and massage staff. Complimentary Foot Massage, 2 massage staff, 1 fruit plate + 1 soft drink. Time Massage 120 minutes)
• VIP Massage Special: 500.000đ/ticket (Massage sauna in private room, have bath and massage staff. Free foot massage, 2 massage staff and be relaxed when lying on cold pack, donate 1 fruit plate + 1 cans of soft drink, milk bath, bath sand bath, face and cut nail. Time Massage 120 minutes).